AESBL News and Updates

AESBL News and Updates

Alabama Alarm Association

Renewal Process

The 2019-2020 licensing renewal period for companies A-H has begun.  To renew online click here.  To access the AESBL application in hardcopy in order to mail in your renewal click here.

News Alerts

WSFA via WBRC: “Hoover revokes permits for home security company” click here.

Quarterly Board Meeting

The next scheduled board meeting is Tuesday, November 13, 2018.  At that meeting they will be considering a number of rule changes.  A Public Hearing is being held.  All meetings are held at 9:30am at the AIDT Center.

AIDT Center
15 Technology Court
Montgomery, AL 36116

Legislation Summary

See Legislation that passed and was signed into law in 2018

Summary of SB265 by Sen. Ward

  • Removes exemptions for select alarm system companies
    Removal of the exemption for a person or business entity which only sells alarm systems at the premises, but does not enter the premises. This has been a recurring issue over the years in terms of what defines the premises of the customer. Consumer complaints for companies that participate in deceiving practices are one of the largest issues in the alarm industry and attempt to utilize this exemption.
  • Requires ALL alarms system companies to perform background checks on employees and provide training
    To provide further clarification that entities engaging in any business that sells, services, installs or monitors alarms, cameras, access, or mechanical locks are subject to the AESBL. All entities that perform these services should be required to have the same background checks and education to ensure the same level of safety and security for the consumers of our state.
  • Protects elderly from unsolicited sales practices
    There has been a large increase in unsolicited sales to consumers over 75 which has increased the number of complaints for fraud and deceptive practices. This bill requires a 4 day waiting period on installation on unsolicited sales to a person over the age of 75. Additionally, a person over the age of 75 is provided at least 30 business days to cancel any executed contract.
  • Adds ALEA language providing consulting with state and federal law enforcement
    The AESBL was directed by ALEA to add the language in section 34A-1A-5 (b) regarding the administrative or management staff of the board’s ability to consult with state or federal law enforcement.
  • Clarifies language for better understanding by the public
    To provide clarification for many of the definitions already in use by the AESBL so the regulated entities and consumers have a better understanding.
  • Fixes language in the code pertaining to locksmiths.
    In some cases, when locksmiths were added under AESBL regulation they were not added to all appropriate sections so the entire law has been reviewed to confirm completeness.
  • Adds clarifying language
    There are some places that simply needed to be cleaned up that were noticed upon review.
  • Exempts licensed real estate agents
    Last year the bill was amended in committee to excluded a real estate licensee operating within the scope of his or her license on behalf of a customer. This language has been included in the original bill this year.
  • Strengthens the state requirement to be licensed
    This legislation sets a 24 month time frame for required licensing and provides penalties for those who are not licensed.

Proposed Rules

To View Current AESBL Rules click this link:

Proposed Amended Rules:
304-X-1-.01 Definitions 
304-X-1-.03 Licensure Procedures (Formerly 304-X-1-.02) 
304-X-1-.04 Fees (Formerly 304-X-1-.03) 
304-X-1-.05 Educational Requirements (Formerly 304-X-1-.04) 
304-X-1-.07 Code of Ethics (Formerly 304-X-1-.05) 
304-X-1-.08 Administrative Complaints (Formerly 304-X-1-.06) 
304-X-1-.10 Cease and Desist Orders (Formerly 304-X-1-.07)

Proposed New Rules:
304-X-1-.02 Operations of the Board 
304-X-1-.06 Exemptions 
304-X-1-.09 Grounds for Referral to the District Attorney 
304-X-1-.11 Injunctive Relief and Recoupment of Costs

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