Association Health Care Plan Survey

Association Health Care Plan Survey

Alabama Alarm Association

AAA Is Working To Produce An Association Health Care Plan. We Need Your Help!

Alabama Alarm Association (AAA)  is looking into the possibility of offering members an Association Health Care Plan underwritten by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama. We need a survey completed by our members showing your interest and also provide the required pertinent data.

Non Members Are Encouraged To Participate As Well

If you are a Non-Member and have been “on the fence” about joining, this one benefit alone may get you over to the right side! You are welcome to submit your company census data as well, just please check “Non-Member”.


The information you provide will assist with obtaining an estimate on cost for the plans AAA would offer members. Correct and thorough information is required to get an accurate rate for the plans. Please take the time to complete the survey if you are interested in this plan and please give complete information.  Please note, this is not a traditional survey.  We intake interested members and non members then provide you with the documentation that is required by the insurance carrier.  You or your staff will need to have experience using Microsoft Excel.

Healthcare Insurance cost have skyrocketed

The association would like to offer an insurance plan to our members to provide better coverage with reasonable rates. Please complete the survey if interested in Health, Dental and Vision Insurance and please return as soon as possible. We will compile the results of the survey, meet with BC/BS of Alabama and then get the rate and plan information to members as soon as we can.

Need more information to Join AAA?

We’ll send an information packet to you, simply complete our online form!

Alabama Alarm Association Vision

Inspire the electronic life safety, electronic security, and systems integration leaders to mutually work for the benefit of all our members in the interest of public safety and be industry leaders.

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