Association Health Care Plan

AAA Has Produced An Association Health Care Plan For Our Members.

Alabama Alarm Association (AAA)  has implemented an Association Health Care Plan. The plan is administered by  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama under contract with Iron Reassurance Company.  We are accepting full enrollment. The premiums are very reasonable and the coverage is comprehensive.

Non Members Are Encouraged To Participate As Well

If you are a Non-Member and have been “on the fence” about joining AAA, this one benefit alone may get you over to the right side! You are welcome to submit your company census data as well, just please check “Non-Member”.


The information you provide will assist with obtaining an estimate on cost for your member only Health Care Program. Correct and thorough information is required to get an accurate rate for the plans. Please take the time to complete the survey if you are interested in this plan and please give complete information.  Please note, this is not a traditional survey.  We intake interested members and non members then provide you with the documentation that is required by the insurance carrier.  You or your staff will need to have experience using Microsoft Excel.

Healthcare Insurance cost have skyrocketed

The association is offering an insurance plan to our members to provide better coverage with reasonable rates. Please complete the survey if interested in Health, Dental and Vision Insurance and please return as soon as possible. We will compile the results of the survey, meet with BC/BS of Alabama and then get the rate and plan information to members as soon as we can.

AESBL News and Updates

Renewal Process

The 2019-2020 licensing renewal period for companies A-H has begun.  To renew online click here.  To access the AESBL application in hardcopy in order to mail in your renewal click here.

News Alerts

WSFA via WBRC: “Hoover revokes permits for home security company” click here.

Quarterly Board Meeting

The next scheduled board meeting is Tuesday, November 13, 2018.  At that meeting they will be considering a number of rule changes.  A Public Hearing is being held.  All meetings are held at 9:30am at the AIDT Center.

AIDT Center
15 Technology Court
Montgomery, AL 36116

Legislation Summary

See Legislation that passed and was signed into law in 2018

Summary of SB265 by Sen. Ward

  • Removes exemptions for select alarm system companies
    Removal of the exemption for a person or business entity which only sells alarm systems at the premises, but does not enter the premises. This has been a recurring issue over the years in terms of what defines the premises of the customer. Consumer complaints for companies that participate in deceiving practices are one of the largest issues in the alarm industry and attempt to utilize this exemption.
  • Requires ALL alarms system companies to perform background checks on employees and provide training
    To provide further clarification that entities engaging in any business that sells, services, installs or monitors alarms, cameras, access, or mechanical locks are subject to the AESBL. All entities that perform these services should be required to have the same background checks and education to ensure the same level of safety and security for the consumers of our state.
  • Protects elderly from unsolicited sales practices
    There has been a large increase in unsolicited sales to consumers over 75 which has increased the number of complaints for fraud and deceptive practices. This bill requires a 4 day waiting period on installation on unsolicited sales to a person over the age of 75. Additionally, a person over the age of 75 is provided at least 30 business days to cancel any executed contract.
  • Adds ALEA language providing consulting with state and federal law enforcement
    The AESBL was directed by ALEA to add the language in section 34A-1A-5 (b) regarding the administrative or management staff of the board’s ability to consult with state or federal law enforcement.
  • Clarifies language for better understanding by the public
    To provide clarification for many of the definitions already in use by the AESBL so the regulated entities and consumers have a better understanding.
  • Fixes language in the code pertaining to locksmiths.
    In some cases, when locksmiths were added under AESBL regulation they were not added to all appropriate sections so the entire law has been reviewed to confirm completeness.
  • Adds clarifying language
    There are some places that simply needed to be cleaned up that were noticed upon review.
  • Exempts licensed real estate agents
    Last year the bill was amended in committee to excluded a real estate licensee operating within the scope of his or her license on behalf of a customer. This language has been included in the original bill this year.
  • Strengthens the state requirement to be licensed
    This legislation sets a 24 month time frame for required licensing and provides penalties for those who are not licensed.

Proposed Rules

To View Current AESBL Rules click this link:

Proposed Amended Rules:
304-X-1-.01 Definitions 
304-X-1-.03 Licensure Procedures (Formerly 304-X-1-.02) 
304-X-1-.04 Fees (Formerly 304-X-1-.03) 
304-X-1-.05 Educational Requirements (Formerly 304-X-1-.04) 
304-X-1-.07 Code of Ethics (Formerly 304-X-1-.05) 
304-X-1-.08 Administrative Complaints (Formerly 304-X-1-.06) 
304-X-1-.10 Cease and Desist Orders (Formerly 304-X-1-.07)

Proposed New Rules:
304-X-1-.02 Operations of the Board 
304-X-1-.06 Exemptions 
304-X-1-.09 Grounds for Referral to the District Attorney 
304-X-1-.11 Injunctive Relief and Recoupment of Costs

Alabama Alarm Association Moves To Montgomery

Montgomery Alabama

Recent Changes

The Board of Directors of the Alabama Alarm Association made a decision to move the association headquarters to Montgomery Alabama, and to add key members to the staff to better assist you.  We are very excited about these new decisions and ask your patience as we make this transition.

We will continue to monitor daily the email, however please contact staff listed below directly for matters relating to their departments.

New Address

The new address is 5748 Carmichael Parkway, Suite A, Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone Numbers

The Toll Free numbers are in the process of porting to the new local numbers.  In the meantime, the local office number is (334)676-4270 and the fax number is (334) 676-2309.  The Toll Free Numbers should be operational by Wednesday, October 17, 2018.


  • Executive Director
    Jon Slaughter
    email: or
    Phone: (334) 676-4270 ext 109
  • Training Coordinator
    Michelle Houde
    email: or
    Phone: (334) 676-4273
  • Student Enrollment
    Roger Beckham
    email: or
    Phone: (334) 676-4274
  • Regional Membership Coordinator/Benefits
    Ryan Smith
    Phone: (334) 676-4276
  • Events Coordinator/ Publishing
    Ramona Lavoie
    Phone: (334) 676-4275

ESA Benefits

Welcome to your discount marketplace

Questions? Call 1-866-664-4621

Enjoy discounts, rewards and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories

  • Travel
  • Auto
  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Local Deals
  • Education
  • Entertainment Tickets
  • Restaurants
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty & Spa
  • Insurance
  • Sports & Outdoors

Benefits to build your business

There’s no better way to build and strengthen your business than by leveraging the benefits of membership in the largest and most established national trade association in the electronic security and life safety industry.

10 Ways We help

  • Use the logo
  • National Training School
  • Commercial Liability
  • Members Savings Program
  • Recruiting Center
  • Industry Markeplace
  • Government Relations
  • State Licensing
  • Serve on Committee
  • ESA Events

NFPA Technical Meeting Results

This Report contains Certified Amending Motions (CAMs) for NFPA Standards in the Annual 2018 revision cycle that will be considered at the June, 2018 NFPA Technical Meeting (Tech Session). These motions have been certified and determined as proper by the Motions Committee in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards (Regs) and the NFPA Technical Meeting Convention Rules (Convention Rules).

  • The sections relating to NFPA 72 start of page 26.

Click here to download full document.


AAA Board of Directors Nominations

AAA Board

The AAA Board of Directors works for you and is made up of 12 members of the association, which represent all aspects of the electronic security systems industry.

They meet four times a year, at their own expense, to discuss issues that affect electronic security dealers across the state of Alabama. Nominations are opened at the Summer Meeting. Nominations will close 30 days prior to the Fall Meeting.

Ballots will be distributed to AAA members and voting will be closed seven days prior to the Fall Meeting. The newly elected board of directors will be publicly announced at the Fall Meeting. All members are encouraged to step up and serve on our board of directors.

Please consider the following when making a nomination.

  • Nominee is a member in good standing with the AAA.
  • Nominee has integrity and good ethics.
  • Nominee is a member who attends meetings regularly.
  • Nominee will look after the best interest of the AAA as well as its members throughout the entire state.
  • Nominee is willing to serve as an officer
  • Nominations are subject to review and approval by the AAA Election Committee.
Step 1 of 2

Please enter your name and company to begin submitting nomination(s)

The newly elected board of directors will be publicly announced at the Fall Meeting.

The following board members will be elected in 2019 to serve in 2020-2021: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Associate Director, Public Safety Director

A Message From Our President

I would like to issue a special thanks to all the vendors and the time and effort in the education and exposure to new products. The Alabama Alarm Association will continue to be represented and find ways to have a voice and give back to our members.

During the ESA National Board Meeting much was discussed about value to our membership. I voiced my opinion that we should make sure the representation was there for not only the large companies but for the companies made up of 3 to 5 employees. This represents a large part of our membership and it is important to make sure their voice is herd. This has to be something we do; just saying it is not enough. I want the rest of the states to look to our organization and let us be the example that they use to model themselves after. Value is something I am going to work hard to give to each and every member of both the Alabama Alarm Association and ESA.

The Alabama Alarm Association, our association is working to come up with new ways to help our members.

There are plans in the works to add discounts, better education, services and many more things to help each and every one of our members.

We want to give you the tools to succeed in this industry and in your business. As we roll out each of these platforms you will receive notification of them so you can take full advantage to help your business be as successful as possible.

Take advantage of your membership in the AAA and attend our upcoming meeting in Orange Beach. There will be CEU courses available. Many activities are planned including a Dolphin Cruise, Meet and Greet and fishing trips. Come be a part of this great organization and I look forward to seeing all of you there.

In closing I want to send a personal message to each of you. I urge you to take the time to be kind, caring, and compassionate to others in your lives and in business. If you surround yourself with positive people and things in your life and business you will succeed in each. I hope you are all truly blessed in all your endeavors.

2018 Election Results

Below you will find a list of the candidates who won elections yesterday (accurate as of the time this list was created). Some races went into a runoff and you will see that below. The runoff election will be July 17.

Election by the numbers

  • 164 total seats are up
  • 46 incumbents did NOT run for reelection (5 in the Executive Branch, 5 in the Judicial Branch, 25 in the House, 11 in the Senate)
  • 118 incumbents ran for reelection (42 are unopposed)

Statewide Races

  • Governor: Kay Ivey
  • Lt. Governor: Twinkle Cavanaugh v Will Ainsworth
  • Attorney General: Steve Marshall v Troy King
  • Secretary of State: John Merrill
  • Treasurer: John McMillian
  • Auditor: Jim Zeigler
  • Agriculture and Industries: Gerald Dial v Rick Pate
  • Public Service Commission Place 1: Jeremy Oden
  • Place 2: Chip Beeker
  • Chief Justice: Tom Parker
  • Place 1: Brad Mendheim v. Sarah Stewart
  • Place 4: Jay Mitchell

State Senate Races

The senate districts (SD) with primary races that MA followed are listed below. Some candidates did not have a primary race and therefore are not listed. Full results here

  • SD 2: Tom Butler (R)
  • SD 4: Garlan Gudger (defeated incumbant Paul Bussman) (R)
  • SD 6: Larry Stutts (I) v Steve Lolley (R)
  • SD 7: Sam Givhan (R)
  • SD 8: Steve Livingston (R)
  • SD 10: Andrew Jones (R)
  • SD 12: Del Marsh (R)
  • SD 13: Mike Sparks v. Randy Price (R)
  • SD 21: Gerald Allen (R)
  • SD 25: Will Barfoot (R)
  • SD 32: Chris Elliot v David Northcutt (R)
  • SD 34: Jack Williams (R)

State House Races

The house districts (HD) with primary races that MA followed are listed below. Some candidates did not have a primary race and therefore are not listed. Full results here

  • HD 3: Andrew Sorrell (R)
  • HD 4: Parker Moore (R)
  • HD 9: Scott Stadthegen (R)
  • HD 10: Mike Ball (R)
  • HD 12: Corey Harbison (R)
  • HD 14: Tim Wadsworth (R)
  • HD16: Kyle South (R)
  • HD18: Jamie Kiel (R)
  • HD22: Ritchie Whorton (R)
  • HD23: Tommy Hanes (R)
  • HD27: Wes Kitchens (R)
  • HD30:  Robert McKay v Craig Lipscomb (R)
  • HD31: Mike Holmes (R)
  • HD33: Ron Johnson (R)
  • HD38: Todd Rauch v Debbie Wood (R)
  • HD39: Ginny Shaver (R)
  • HD42: Jimmy Martin (R)
  • HD45: Dickie Drake (R)
  • HD48: Jim Carns (R)
  • HD49: April Weaver (R)
  • HD55: Rod Scott (D)
  • HD64: Harry Shiver (R)
  • HD65: Elaine Beech (D)
  • HD73: Matt Fridy (R)
  • HD77: Malcom Calhoun v TaShina Morris
  • HD88: Al Booth v Will Dismukes
  • HD91: Rhett Marques v Lister Reeves
  • HD102: Willie Gray (R) v. Shane Stringer
  • HD105: Chip Brown (R)
heather coleman davis
Heather Coleman Davis Government Affairs

Alabama Alarm Association announces new website

The new site can be reached by going to , the website is monitored 24 hours a day to expedite response .  Please review your company’s information for accuracy.  If there are changes that need to be made please email

Site’s features include the following:

  • Registration for Events: In order to expedite response and “catch up with innovation”  Registration for Trade Shows, District Meetings and Statewide meetings is now available online. Additional cost for meetings Events, (like fishing, golf, etc.,) that require additional payment can be purchased using our secure server.

Summer Statewide Meeting: If you haven’t registered to join us in Orange Beach what are you waiting for?

  • Training Schedule:  You can now search by choosing the instructor led course you are interested in.  It will display time, location, requirements, etc., and allow you to RSVP and register online.  A searchable calendar viewing of instructor led training is available as well. The user can search by date or location.

Coming soon you will have the ability to register all employees training for the year with one form!

Check out the Training Calendar! 

View Instructor Led Training Schedule for June

  • New Membership’s can be processed online.  You may choose to purchase with PayPal or request to be invoiced. Coming later in June membership renewals can be processed online as well.

If your NOT a member click here and let’s get you into the fold!

Finally, we value your input.  Email the webmaster with any additional features you think would be helpful, what you think about the site, etc.  If you’re a board member and don’t mind having your picture displayed on the site email that to us as well.

See you in Orange Beach!