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We now offer a health program for you and your employees. By grouping together, our member employers can achieve buying power and economies of scale. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the program. Call or email Ryan Smith at 334.676.4276 with any additional questions or assistance you might need.

Program Eligibility

Alabama Alarm Association Member
  1. Must be a member of the Alabama Alarm Association to enroll.
  2. Must be full time (work at least 30 hours a week)
  3. Must have two (2) employees to join the program. Independent contractors are not eligible.

Not a member but want to submit you census data for a quote? No Problem.  You can see a substantial reduction in health care cost with an increase in coverage. Get a quote from the association and enjoy insurance like it should be.

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Your health program is administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama through an agreement with Iron Reassurance Company, LLC.  Get access to your account to view your plan details.


Alabama Alarm Association Teladoc

The quality of care you need with the convenience you want. As part of your program, Teladoc is provided with a $0 co-pay. Teladoc gives you 24/7 access to a U.S. board-certified doctor through the phone or mobile app.

  • Access board-certified doctors 24/7/365.
  • Discover why we’re the most trusted telehealth provider in the world.
  • 3,100+ licensed healthcare professionals, trained physicians, dermatologists, therapists, 20 years’ experience on average

Frequently Asked Questions

With respect to your group/practice, this is considered a group plan, so you have to offer the plan to all employees eligible in your practice (full-time employees working at least 30 hours a week).

If all employees decline/waive coverage, it is ok if only the employer or one employee enrolls.

The benefit plan will have a Section 125 (premium-only) Plan you can opt in to, so you can take plan contributions out pre-tax with a payroll deduction. Your Participation Agreement will explain how to opt-in.

There are 3 health benefit plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver) and 1 dental plan offered. The health plans are identical in coverage to the standard Platinum, Gold, and Silver BlueCross BlueShield plans except there is no pediatric dental or vision coverage.

The dental plan is offered by the ALDA Benefit Plan. It has an open network of dentists (meaning you can see any dentist you want) The ALDA Benefit Plan pays usual and customary rates to dentists on a weekly basis. The benefits have no waiting periods.

Your group can decide to offer all benefit plans and your employees can choose, or you can offer 2 or 1 of the plans. It is up to the employer.

Medicare products are not offered yet. If you are turning 65, you can continue on the ALDA plan as long as you are eligible as an active, full-time worker, or you can switch to full Medicare.

Deductibles reset every calendar year. So each January 1 each year, your deductible starts over.

  • The plan is starting on 9/1/18 and will renew every year on 9/1. If you renewed your current Blue Cross Group Plan on 7/1/18 or 8/1/18 and you want to switch to the ALDA plan, then you will roll into the ALDA plan on the same coverage you currently have (Gold to Gold). Your used deductible will be rolled in also.
  • If your current BCBS Group plan renews anytime between 9/1/18 and 8/1/19, you can switch whenever you want. Since the overall ALDA benefit plan renewal will be 9/1/19, your initial plan will be a short year plan, but your deductible for that calendar year will be rolled in.
  • If you are starting a group plan for the first time, then you can start on the first of any month between 10/1/18 and 8/1/19. Your deductible for that calendar year will start new at your effective date.

Contribution rates are determined on a group/practice basis. Rates are calculated based on the average age of your group’s plan participants. So, the younger the employees you encourage to be on the plan, the cheaper the initial rates usually are.

There are no pre-existing condition exclusions, but rates are not final until after a medical questionnaire is completed during enrollment on all participants, and the underwriting department makes a rate recommendation. Final rates will be approved by the group prior to the effective date.

At renewal, rates will be based on the experience of your group. Rates will be transparent and fair! Renewal is optional, of course.

At renewal, rates will be based on the experience of your group. Rates will be transparent and fair! Renewal is optional, of course.

You can terminate your contract with the plan with a written notice 90 days in advance of the plan renewal.

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