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Association Health Care Plan

Alabama Alarm Association (AAA)  has implemented an Association Health Care Plan. The plan is administered by  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama under contract with Iron Reassurance Company.  We are accepting full enrollment. The premiums are very reasonable and the coverage is comprehensive.


AL CEU Review

CEU Course Review

Do you have an idea for a class that electronic security dealers can benefit from. Get an instructor and create your syllabus then submit to our review committee.

Alabama Alarm Association

2018 CEU Course Status

Please check the available courses for the remaining 2018 training season. Changes are being made and it will be important for you to keep up.


Winter Statewide Meeting

The 2019 Winter Statewide Meeting will kick off the new year with exciting announcements from our President, Scott Motes. Meet your new association staff and earn 6 CEU’s